I just wanted to share this with everyone.


Also, while you are reading this, check out an awesome blog by a much better writer than I am,

Why US EMS will never get to sit at the adult table. More stats 4,382
About More stats 349
“Resuscitationist”? More stats 141
“Surgeons are not technicians. Surgeons are doctors who also know how to operate.” More stats 102
McMedicine and science as a religion More stats 76
The Appeal of “alternative medicine” More stats 72
Something that pains me. More stats 69
Does medical specialization need to be revamped or abolished? More stats 53
Home page / Archives More stats 49
Playing to your audience, the performing art of education. More stats 42
Selecting patients you want to mate with… More stats 39
Have you ever seen a CHF patient who is fluid overloaded and in shock? More stats 38
Mental Health, an oxymoron. More stats 30
The mindset of Critical Care More stats 25
Chopin’s Piano More stats 13
Choose your death and call hospice. More stats 9

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