Smile, you’re on candid camera!


A few minutes ago one of my friends shared a Facebook post about police officers wearing a camera on their person while working. It described how use of force went down 60% and complaints went down 88%.

My first thought on the matter was “this would probably be great in EMS!” For much the same reasons as the Police have benefitted.

But as I was pondering the idea further, I remember that in one of the ORs there is a camera set up in the surgical lamps. Multiple ORs have giant digital displays for CTs, angiographs, ultrasounds, laparoscopes, etc.

Why don’t all ORs have cameras? Why are DVD recordings of a patient’s surgery not included in their records like their radiology reports? Sure it may cost a bit more, but once you close somebody up, nobody will ever know again what was seen during the operation. Taking it one further, pathologists dictate their findings and observations as they do an exam. Why do surgeons not do this? Go one further and review these recordings in a debriefing. Professional athletes and racers watch video of their games and races. They watch other games they were not part of to analyze various aspects that might benefit them in the future.

I think there is a great opportunity with this technology that is being missed. What do you think?

I also think this is the shortest blog post I ever wrote.


One thought on “Smile, you’re on candid camera!

  1. Wow, no kidding! That was WAY short! 😀 In all seriousness, though, I think you have made an extremely good point about the potential for benefit WRT “action video” in both EMS and surgery.

    If that were something that came to an agency that employed me, I would not be upset at all… As long as it was used mostly as a method for quality improvement (and liability protection) rather than mostly as a blunt instrument to enforce “cookbook medicine.”

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